WET – 4000A




WET – 4000A

WET-4000A for SPOT Weld Quality Management

S/W Main Screens

Standard Diagram of Spot Weld Monitoring System

WET-4000A Main Features and Specifications

Control Items Weld Current, Weld Voltage, Weld Time, Weld Force Temperature of cooling water, Heat input Prevention of missing weld, Tip replacement and Dressing control, Data upper and lower limit management Production Count
Measuring Range AC, DC, Inv.DC, Con.DC (Possible to measure up to Max 200kA)
Input/Output Maximum 15 series signals
(Controlled by system, model, point and pulse)
Network S/W Support up to max 25 units(optional)
Input Power AC 200V/50~60Hz
Dimensions(mm) Main-220(w) x 190(h) x 110(d)
Touch Screen PC – 489(w) x 323(h) x 33(d)

Major Clients