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Established since 2009, ASB Welding Machinery Sdn Bhd is one of the well-known welding equipment providers in Malaysia. We are trusted by our customers with our reliable and professional services.


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Arc welding machines are essential tools used in the fabrication and construction industry in Malaysia. These machines are designed to join metals together by creating an electrical arc between the welding electrode and the base material. They are widely utilized in various applications, including manufacturing, automotive repair, construction, and metalworking. Welding machines in Malaysia come in different sizes and specifications to accommodate various welding tasks, ranging from small-scale repairs to large-scale industrial projects. With their efficiency and versatility, arc welding machines play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and integrity of welded structures across different sectors in Malaysia.

Frequently Asked Question

A welding equipment supplier in Malaysia may offer a range of welding equipment, including MIG, TIG, and Stick welding machines, welding wires and electrodes, welding helmets and safety gear, and other related accessories.

When selecting a welding machine, you should consider factors such as the type of welding you will be doing, the thickness of the material you will be welding, the power output of the machine, and your budget.

The benefits of buying welding equipment from a supplier include having access to a wide range of products, expert advice on selecting the right equipment, and after-sales support for repairs and maintenance.


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