WET – 3000A

for ARC Weld Quality Management

System Overview
Standard Diagram of ARC Weld Monitoring System
OptimAal system for



Monitoring System

Ideal for

real-time systematic
data management

Process loss reduced
>Process stabilization
>Reduced failure rates

>Cost savings

Possible to manage

6 SIGMA control

Report with one click

WET-3000A Main Features and Specifications
Control Items Weld Current, Weld Voltage, Gas Flow, Gas Level(Optional) Weld Time,
Tip Replacement and Dressing control Data Upper and Lower Limit Management TCP; Production count
Measuring Range AC, DC, Inv.DC (Possible to measure up to Max 2000A)
Input/Output Maximum 31 series signals (Controlled by system, model, bead)
Network S/W Support up to max 25 units(optional)
Input Power AC 200V/50~60Hz
Dimensions(mm) Main-220(w) x 190(h) x 110(d)
Touch Screen PC – 489(w) x 323(h) x 33(d)