Laser Welding Machine Galvanometer Fiber TY-H20017

TY-H20071 (150W) optical galvanometer welding machine TY-H20071 galvanometer optical fiber welding machine QCW laser scanning galvanometer laser welding machine, spot uniformity, high controllability, good welding effect, after the optical fiber laser, collimated by the collimator lens into parallel light, and then the welding of the focused laser welding apparatus on a workpiece.

Device scope

QCW lasers optical scanning galvanometer laser welding machine, spot uniformity, high controllability and good welding effect: After the optical fiber, collimated by the collimator lens into parallel light, and then the laser is focused on a workpiece laser welding apparatus welding the embodiment. High-speed galvanometer, high-speed welding: a scan head welding machine using a laser engraving machine works. QCW lasers because of the characteristics of the electro-optical conversion of greater than 30% and maintenance-free operation, etc., the cost-effectiveness is much better than the conventional YAG lasers.

Fiber welding machine main features galvanometer
  1. Fiber lasers high electro-optical conversion efficiency, conversion efficiency of more than 30%, less power fiber lasers with no need chillers, air-cooled, can greatly save the power consumption when operating, operating cost savings, achieve high production efficiency .
  2. Only need to run power lasers, gas lasers do not need to create additional, with low operating and maintenance costs.
  3. Fiber using semiconductor lasers and modular redundancy, no resonant cavity optical lens, no start-up time, with adjustment-free, maintenance free, the advantages of high stability, reduce component costs and maintenance time, which is traditional lasers can not match.
  4. Output wavelength fiber lasers for 1070 nm, good output beam quality, high power density, is conducive to the absorption of a metal material having excellent engraving, soldering ability, so that the low cost processing.
  5. Optical fiber transmission routing machine, no complicated reflection mirror optical system, the optical path is simple, stable structures, external light path maintenance; no consumables.
  6. Export through the optical fiber, so that the mechanical design of the system becomes very simple and very easy to integrate with a robot or a multi-dimensional table.
  7. The lasers can be coupled with the shutter through a laser fiber optic splitter, into a plurality of multi-channel simultaneously, it is easy to expand the function, easy to upgrade and simple.
  8. Fiber lasers small size, light weight, the movable operating position, small footprint, built-in pulse generator.
  9. Specific operating costs: electricity about: 2 degrees / hour.
Technical Specification

TY-H20071 galvanometer fiber welding machine Technical parameters:

project name Technical Parameters
Laser Type pulse
Laser wavelength 1070nm
Pulse frequency 1-100HZ
Pulse Width 0.1-20ms
Focusing spot diameter 0.1-3mm
Spot size 0.01-2.5mm
The maximum pulse 15J
The maximum peak 1500W
Repeatability ± 0.03mm
electricity demand 220V ± 10% 50Hz / 60Hz
Dimensions (length × width × height) 1500mm * 680mm * 1200mm
Visual capture accuracy ± 0.01mm
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