YAG Laser Welding Machine Word Advertising

Advertising characters Laser welding machine, welding speed, welding spot welding projection surface is not without polishing step, saving time and labor. Advertising characters of any size can be welded, welding firm appearance without thermal deformation.

Laser welding machine advertising characters using pulsed high energy laser locally heating the material within the minute region, the energy of the laser radiation directed through the internal heat transfer diffusion material, the material is melted to form a specific melt pool. It is a new welding method, the spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, seal> welding, etc., the aspect ratio, small-width weld, heat-affected zone, deformation, welding speed, the welding surface has no projections since the spot welding, without polishing step, saving time and labor, beautiful appearance solid, high-quality welds without porosity, advertising characters of any size can be welded, welding firm appearance without thermal deformation. 

Laser welding machine origin of the advertising characters equipment

Advertising characters is a decorative character, commonly known word signs, advertising characters into words and non-metal advertising advertising words, no non-metallic advertising characters to be welded, and the metal characters are to be welded, the metal words advertising material stainless steel, brass, tin, galvanized sheet, cold-rolled sheet metal plate or the like, since the conventional welding prone reverse burn marks during welding of thin metal, burn significant deformation, the cost of using a thick metal plate high, and the weight is heavy, increasing the difficulty of outdoor installation. Therefore, using only the more appropriate 0.3-1mm sheet metal timber. Laser welding equipment manufacturers dedicated to the advertising word of special laser welding machine 1, used for many years in the advertising industry and the continuous improvement of the word, advertising welding process to find a new welding method. Laser welding machine advertising word belongs to a laser welding machine, generally use solid YAG lasers. Word welding machine series of ads in the domestic application of the general, Asian countries, the advertising industry is also rapidly adopting laser welding process of welding metal advertising characters.

Laser welding machine word advertising application equipment

Laser welding machine advertising characters generally used in the metal production industry advertising characters, advertising characters into words and non-metal advertising advertising characters, advertising characters start with a metal laser-cutting a metal plate cut to the required shape, and then bent by advertising word machine the metal strip is bent into the shape of the outline font, a laser welding machine word advertising letter box plate and welded to each other words, the height of the border is formed a bottomed cylindrical-shaped, metal advertising word from the indoor to the outdoor metal 15mm Advertising word frame height 100mm range. Laser welding machine advertising characters weldable materials are: stainless steel, brass, galvanized steel, tin, tinplate, cold-rolled plate. The main level is selected as the advertising word material. Related materials easily polished stainless steel, brass plating easy, advertising characters are high-grade, generally used for interior decoration, the naked eye can see the effect of directly making properties, such as for reception, room number, and other areas signs, decorative small and medium word. Other metals typically used for large outdoor advertising word advertising characters, after the soldering process using painting to prevent rust, due to the outdoors, made less visible to the naked eye fineness process belongs slightly rough type. Advertising characters generally use non-metallic glass, plastic, wood board, wood, plywood and other materials. Narrow-band band saw, CNC computer milling machine, CO2 laser cutting machine and other processing, non-metallic laser welding without having advertising character.

Laser welding machine is mainly advertising characters for weld metal in addition to the weld metal advertising characters, other metal parts may also be welded, the need for high protection of argon, to prevent oxidation of the welded portion. Weldable products such as: mold, jewelry, hardware, metal sand hole repair.

Advertising word Laser welding machines and equipment advantages
  1. Easy to learn, students can be proficient operating on, in the current difficult to recruit skilled workers, wage costs exponentially growing situation, select the word laser welding machine can be easily resolved for you.
  2. High efficiency, conventional welding using a solder identification, welding, etc., low efficiency, human fatigue, laser welding machine word break traditional practices, directional point to point welding, soldering word faster than normal 10-15 times.
  3. This product uses human medicine designed to relieve fatigue for workers.
  4. No supplies, the traditional soldering, welding, etc., soldering, argon, wire, hydrochloric acid, etc. requires a lot of energy supplies, the product is working without any supplies, operating voltage of 220V, and ultra-low power consumption, saving you a lot of manufacturing production cost!
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