Carbon Dioxide Laser Engraving Machine TY-G908A15

TY-G908A30 high carbon dioxide laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine nonmetallic precision, high speed, random engraving depth control, air cooling system can be applied to a variety of non-metallic products for cutting and engraving.

Main features of the carbon dioxide engraving
  1. Equipment, key components are the industry’s well-known brands original accessories, product quality assurance.
  2. Equipment maintenance-free, zero supplies, low processing costs, an investment in long-term use.
  3. Carving high precision, high speed, random engraving depth control, bar code, two-dimensional code, serial number and other fine engraving.
  4. Can be carved, corrosion resistant marking on all types of non-metallic materials, permanent good.
  5. Taiwan Yi laser to provide efficient after-sales service, to respond within 30 minutes, within 24 hours the solution.
  6. Equipment for customers to develop solutions fixture, with water production, improve production efficiency.
  7. Provide life-long inflatable free service.
  8. Specific operating costs: about electricity: 2-3 degrees / day.

High carbon dioxide laser engraving machine nonmetallic precision, high speed, random engraving depth control, air cooling system, it can be adapted to a variety of non-metallic products for engraving and cutting, no supplies, low processing costs, the operating life of the metal tube lasers long mark clear, easy to wear, carving and cutting efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving!

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser engraving machine non-metallic non-metallic laser engraving machine can be marked on various types of non-metallic materials, marking wear resistant, permanent good, non-polluting, high-speed powerful control software, can automatically jump number, engraving bar codes, two-dimensional code, serial number, etc., and a variety of image formats are compatible, fonts, etc. no actual ink and other supplies, an investment lifetime use; according to production requirements, do split, with assembly line production, the effect of fine engraving , fast, high efficiency and low processing costs, power, wide range of engraving, the engraving depth deep, large parts may be marked.

Technical Specifications

TY-G908 carbon dioxide laser engraving machine Technical parameters:

project name Technical Parameters
Laser Type Import from America
Laser wavelength 10640nm
Minimum characters 0.05mm
The minimum line width 0.03mm
Engraving area 110 * 110mm
repeat frequency 20Khz-100Khz
Repeatability ± 0.001mm
Engraving line speed ≦ 8000mm / s
electricity demand 220V 50Hz / 5A
Dimensions (length × width × height) 650mm * 500mm * 1350mm


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