Co2 Engraving Machine

Non-metallic carbon dioxide laser engraving machine can engraving, marking on all types of non-metallic materials Wear and corrosion resistance, good permanent, non-polluting, high-speed powerful control software, can automatically jump number, engraved bar code.

The scope of products

carbon dioxide, non-metallic laser engraving machine can engrave, mark on all kinds of wear-resistant non-metallic materials corrosion, permanent good, non-polluting, high-speed powerful control software, you can automatically jump number, engraving bar codes, two-dimensional code , product serial number, and compatibility with multiple formats of images, fonts, etc. no actual ink and other supplies, an investment lifetime use; according to production requirements, do split, with assembly line production, the effect of fine engraving, high speed, efficiency high, low processing costs, power, wide range of engraving, the engraving depth deep, large parts may be marked.