TY-6020DD Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser generator using an optical fiber as the light source of the laser cutting.
Optical fiber lasers is a new development of a new type of fiber laser output laser beam of high energy density internationally, and accumulated on the surface of the workpiece, so that the region to be melted and vaporized instantaneously irradiated with ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece, by numerical control moving the spot position of the mechanical system and the automatic cutting irradiation.

TY-6020DD Fiber Laser cutting machine features

  1. Using optical fiber lasers, electrical – optical conversion efficiency is high, the conversion efficiency of more than 30%, can greatly save the power consumption when operating, operating cost savings, the highest productivity.
  2. Only need to run power lasers, gas lasers do not need to create additional, with the lowest operating and maintenance costs.
  3. Fiber using semiconductor lasers and modular redundancy, no resonant cavity optical lens, no start-up time, with adjustment-free, maintenance free, the advantages of high stability, reduce component costs and maintenance time, which is traditional lasers can not match.
  4. Wavelength fiber lasers output of 1.064 micrometers, 1/10, good output beam quality, high power density, is conducive to the absorption of a metal material having excellent cutting and welding capability, so that the processing cost of CO2 wavelength lowest.
  5. Optical fiber transmission routing machine, no complicated reflection mirror optical system, the optical path is simple, stable construction, the external light path maintenance.
  6. The cutting head comprising a cover lens, a focus lens so that expensive consumables like little consumption.
  7. Y are used to CNC gears, rack guide, AC servo motor, high speed, high precision.
  8. PC using specialized industrial computer and the numerical control system of Bayshore Chuzhi Hui, easy to operate; professional cutting control software support CAD graphics and text automatic programming, software compatibility strong, can produce a variety of text, graphics, support DXF / GERBER / PLT and other graphic formats.
  9. The United States brands cutting head, cutting effect perfect.
  10. German helical planetary gear, stable operation, low noise and reliable performance.
  11. Less than 16 mm can be cut more metal materials of carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel.
  12. Cutting area up to 6030mm * 2030mm, format size can be customized according to customer requirements.
  13. Suitable for cutting all kinds of precision machine parts and cutting panels, perforated metal, and various characters, decorative patterns and the like. Trimming little affected by heat, slit formation, substantially no thermal deformation of the workpiece, generally does not require secondary machining slit.
  14. Separate design focal length follow, even if the material surface irregularities can ensure the cutting quality impact, from the shape of the workpiece, good flexibility laser processing, can be processed in any pattern.
  15. Saving investment mold, shown in the image can be carried out on any computer laser processing, no mold, the mold is not consumed, not repair of the mold, the mold replacement time saving, saving processing costs, reduce production costs, especially for large product workpiece.
  16. Specific operating costs: about electricity: 12 degrees / hour
    of oxygen: 8 to 12-membered / hr
    cover lens, nozzle: 0.2 to 0.5 / hour
    in distilled water of about: 0.1 / hour
    Note: If the cost per hour nitrogen purge was added 20 ~ 25.

TY-6020DD fiber laser-cutting structure

TY-6020DD genus gantry CNC laser cutting machine, wherein X, Y-axis cutting feed plane implement mobile gantry structure. A two-axis, Z-axis tracking the floating surface of the workpiece; precision steel frame is welded, the whole high-temperature annealing, stress failure processing; large gantry rail seat knife milling process, to maintain good long-term stability.

TY-6020DD Fiber Laser cutting machine capability

Advise customers to choose their own machines, different power, cutting speed, and different thickness.
A narrow incision (typically 0.1–0.5mm), high accuracy (typically hole center distance error 0.1–0.4mm, outline dimensional errors 0.1–0.5mm), a good cut surface roughness (Ra is typically 3.2–25.4 μm), the slit processing is usually not needed to welding.

Technical Specification

project name Technical Parameters
Laser Type Fiber lasers (1500W)
Laser wavelength 1070-1080nm
Electro-optical conversion efficiency 25-30%
XYZ axis travel 2020mm / 6030mm / 210mm
Cutting material thickness 0.5-16mm (depending on material)
Cutout slit width 0.1-0.2mm
Repeatability ± 0.03mm / 1000mm
positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm
The maximum air speed shift 80mm / min
Maximum acceleration 1.0G
Table largest truck 900kg
Total Weight 8300kg
electricity demand 380V 50Hz / 60Hz
Dimensions (length × width × height) 7900 * 2920 * 2000