Welding Positioner – PT

Welding Positioner from load capacity 100kg. ~ 20,000kg.
ProArc PT series positioners provide steel fabrication shops to positioned the jobs for ‘downhand’ position in the shortest possible time without the use of cranes and manpower. The constructions of ProArc positioners provide safe operation and long trouble-free service.

Capacities range from 100 to 20,000 kilograms.
360° degree rotation, 135° degree tilts on all models.
High frequency protected.
Machined “T” slots table with pilot and through hole.
A. C. variable frequency drive for rotation.
High quality worm gear reducers for smooth operation and minimal backlash.
Zero maintenance grounding system.
AD type adjustable table height available.
Forward-Stop-Reverse and variable speed control are standard.