TY-6020P Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Professional Pipe

TY-6020P professional pipe feeding the fiber laser cutting, dicing, cutting, fully automated, the alternative feeding method or sequentially feeding the material into a bale.

  1. Feeding, cutting, cutting, fully automated.
  2. Feeding sequentially feeding or alternative way to feed bale.
  3. Feeding a length of 6 m, an optional 8 meters.
  4. Feeding a length of 3 meters, 6 meters optional.
Technical Specification
project name Technical Parameters
Laser Wavelength 1070nm
Total power 10KW-26KW
Operating Voltage 380V 50Hz / 60Hz
Machine operating temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃
Maximum acceleration 1.0G
Total Weight 4000kgs
physical dimension 9000 * 3060 * 2200 (mm)
The maximum laser output power 1000W-12000W
X / Y positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm
Cutting range ∮40-∮200mm * 6000mm