Oxygen-Free Copper Welder

  • Medium temperature soldering copper tube produces no oxidized materials and degenerated.
  • The welded joints will be not oxidized that leads to the refrigerant leakage and block the cooper tube
Step of Use:
  1. Apply Burn Resistant Solder Paste Flux on the welded copper tube
  2. Insert the copper joint into its encounter widened copper tube
  3. Step 3: Hold soldering clamp on the place firmly where the copper tube & joint are overlapped and then turn on the startup switch for Pre-Weld heating
  4. During Heating, try to add some soft wires till they melts onto the copper, which represents heating reaches to the welding point; then add & fill it with weld-supporting agent (soft wire) and waits the filler melts and seeps right into the surface of the coppers you are joining. Leave it cool down for a while then soldering is done.
  5. Soldering the remaining unused copper tube by joining them so that material cost-saving is increased, and allows more effective use and avoid wastes.