Mig/Mag Welders


Key Features
  • Synergic function, preset current is matched with voltage automatically
  • Unique low power consumption design with 85% efficiency and 0.94 power factor
  • Adjustable arc control, welder can choose soft arc or hard arc based on each mode
  • Fast arc response, even output control, uniform appearance, superior arc performance and weld penetration control
  • Digital Meters-accurate weld parameter readings-weld parameter readings retained till welding ends-auto fault diagnostic display
  • Both voltage and current are pre-settable
  • Precise control, comparing with conventional SCR power source, precise control over arc stability could help realize less spatters and better bead
  • “Made To Last” PC Boards-“Trayed & Potted” PCBs filled with epoxy, double locked wiring harness Connectors, and environmentally protected connectors. Sensibly located to provide maximum protection from the environment
  • IP 23 Ratings-designed for harsh environment
  • Pulse MIG/MAG