The new drawn arc stud welding gun GD 22 is designed for welding shear connectors with large diameters (19 and 22 mm).

The ample-dimensioned adjustable lift (adjustment range: 0-6 mm) ensures in combination with the adjustable hydraulic piston damper optimum welding results in this diameter field. Of course, the new guns are suitable for welding through metal deck.

The gun also features a piston with linear ball track, an automatic length compensation system for different stud lengths and surface conditions as well as a robust, impact resistant housing for the hard work on the construction site.

The high-grade outside welding cable (cable cross section 95 mm²) accommodates the high welding currents that are necessary for large stud diameters.

Optionally, the new guns can be equipped with integrated travel measuring system. Using this the lift adjustment couldn`t be easier. Moreover, it enables a quality monitoring by measuring and recording of stud travel (lift, piston runtime, immersion depth) for each weld.