CNC Drilling Machine ( High Speed ) FSDHE Model

  • High-Speed Drilling machines are used throughout the world for tube sheet and heat exchanger drilling at an affordable cost
  • With a maximum 100mm drilling diameter – 200 with special adapters – and a 300mm drilling thickness, our High-Speed drilling machines can handle any job with the highest speed and efficiency possible.
  • For specialized high-drill-count jobs, ask about our unique Auto-Analysis function
  • this functionality can only be utilized on machines with 2 spindles or more, drilling on one single work plate
  • Simply draw the required holes on the work plate in your CAD program, input the drawing into the built-in software on the CNC controller, and the software will then auto-calculate the most efficient pattern of drilling that will require the least number of drops
  • This saves the client office time, technician time, consumable life, as well as work time.
  • Both spindles move independently of each other using this software, and can auto-adjust their distance in relation to each other to provide the most efficient work possible.
Technical Specification Description
Model FSDHE 3000


FSDHE 7000 FSDHE 8000
Drilling Thickness 100 mm
Drilling Capacity 50/100mm
Variable RPM 100~4000 RPM
Number of Spindles (sets) 1~2set
Auto Adjust Distance Between Option
Position Accuracy ±0.1mm
Working Area 2000 ~ 7000 mm