400A Inverter Arc Stick Welders

  • Saving the electricity for more than 50%; the lightest in the world; adopting the state-of-the-art IGBT semi-conductor; the breakdown rate is fifteen times lower using Mosfet semi-conductor kind sold on the market
  • The use of amount of the frequency converting electric welding machines’ power line can be a half power than conventional kind, for example; if you must use 22 square millimeters for the conventional kind, you only need to use 8 square millimeter which can decrease the weight for more labour-saving carry as well as the cost of purchasing the electric wire.
  • Its weight is three times lighter than conventional kind; hence; it will decrease personnel’s physical burden, and improve the work efficiency.
  • Direct current system of the Inverter ARC welder is different from conventional welding electric welding machine in alternating current that is easier to produce electric shock, and cause accident, injury or death to the operator.
  • DIP switch in the machine has the standard and electric shock proof functions. On this mode; it will allow to do welds easier and increase work efficiency.
  • Easy operation, ideally used in various black steel weld application, for example; low and high carbon steel & CR-MO steel
  • Complete protection function for Exceeded Voltage, Current, Low Voltage, Over heating & Dynamic Current Limit
  • High Frequency & Stable Output & Compensating Circuit ensure weld quality
  • Featuring excellent versatility, allows Good proliferation for thin welds and penetration for thick welds. Optimize the weld shape.
  • Delayed start-up function avoids current shock. Reduced ARC noise and good weld joints.

What are the advantages of using an arc welding machine?

The advantages of using an arc welding machine include high welding speed, strong welds, and the ability to weld a wide range of metals.

What are some safety precautions to take when using an arc welding machine?

Safety precautions when using an arc welding machine include wearing proper protective gear, using the machine in a well-ventilated area, and ensuring that the machine is properly grounded.

What is an arc stick welder?

An arc stick welder is a type of arc welding machine that uses a consumable electrode, typically made of a metal core coated with a flux, to create an electric arc between the electrode and the workpiece, which melts the metal and forms a weld.