25KVA Pneumatic Inverter Spot Welding Machines

Equipped with Japanese Brand, TETRA-K INVERTER-Controlled POWER SUPPLY, TH-26VF, TH-50VF, TH-50VFS (Optional), with the positives as below;

1.Inverter frequency changes automatically according to the welding current, thus the ideal direct current can be fed.

2.The second current, second voltage, or second power can be controlled in any desired pattern by software.

3. Settings can be done easily by observing bright display (LCD with back light)

4. 15 welding conditions and various input/output signals are available, considering the possible connection to such as pressurized output and other machinery

5. Good or No Good judgment can be done by current value monitoring either in the constant power mode or the constant voltage mode.

6 The Maximum setting conditions is 9 for 2 welding cycles setting value (Except TH-50VFS)

7.Peak value of the welding current becomes low, thus splash becomes less.

8.Current control is done with high accuracy and high-speed responded by 16 bits high performance calculation circuit.

9.External setting / Operation / Mode status monitoring or data control can be documented by communication function. (This function is available in optional device RS-232 and RS-422.)